"This is the second time we have used LBC...

... It is a more natural, more private birthing option. Less confronting, less clinical, more human."

Birth Centre Fee

The Launceston Birth Centre charges $380 for use of the centre at the time of your birth.  This fee is payable before the birth.

Private Midwife Fee

After receiving a GP referral for midwifery care you will be entitled to Medicare rebates for all prenatal and postnatal visits.

During your first free ‘meet and greet’ visit at the Birth Centre, the midwife will discuss your birth and associated costs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who provides my prenatal, birth and postnatal care?  Will I always have the same midwife?

We feel that continuity of care is very important. Clients may choose their primary midwife and a supporting midwife will be assigned to assist her at your birth.

Is it safe to have a baby at the Birth Centre?  What If I need to be transferred to hospital?

Numerous studies of uncomplicated pregnancies show that having an out-of-hospital birth is as safe or safer than a birth in the hospital. Our midwives are highly qualified to manage birth complications. Equipment for infant resuscitation is on hand. IV solutions and medications to control excessive bleeding postnatally are available if needed. We do not use forceps or caesarean section delivery, syntocin induction or augmentation. We do not use epidurals or pain medications in labour. Instead we lavishly use coaching and support for mother-to-be and her family.

If the need arises for transfer to the hospital this would be arranged and, to maintain the continuity of care, your midwife would accompany you and stay with you until the birth of your baby.

Will my insurance cover the Birth Centre fees?

There may be some cover but you will need to check with your insurance company.

Who can attend the birth?

Having a baby is a highly personal experience and we feel you should be able to share it with anyone you choose. This may include your husband or other primary support persons as well as other children, relatives or friends. Your primary support person can actively participate in the birth experience.

If you decide to have older children present, they’ll need to be supervised by a secondary support person.

Can my baby stay with me after the birth?

At the birth centre, we don’t separate babies from their mothers. You’ll have as much time as you want to bond with your baby and you’ll be able to have anyone you want touch or hold the baby.

What kind of newborn care do you provide?

Our midwives encourage skin-to-skin bonding time and will assist you with the initial breastfeed. A newborn baby exam will be done within the first two hours of birth. We will provide you with information regarding newborn screening, vitamin K injections and vaccinations. We support your right to make responsible decisions regarding your baby’s care.

How long is the postnatal stay?

The postnatal stay is a minimum of 4 hours with a maximum stay of about 24 hours. Most women and their families choose to go home between 6 to 12 hours after the birth. This provides enough time to bond with and breastfeed your baby, have a good meal and rest, and to have a thorough assessment of your baby and yourself.

When a woman goes home her follow-up care will include phone calls, daily visits for about a week and less frequently for a further period. Of course, the midwives are also available for consultation 24 hours a day by phone.

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