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This was my third baby but a very special baby as my second died of SIDS and this was my first child to my husband, Miah.  I was extremely impatient ,I just wanted labor to happen.  As I’d not gone full term with my others the last 6 weeks were very hard for me.  Monday night the 14th I woke up at 3.30 in the morning with some familiar pains so I rang my friend and she came over.  I rang our midwife at 4am just to let her know it was happening and she said to call back when I felt like I needed her there.  So my husband, Miah, my friend Ali and I just sat around.  I couldn’t possibly sleep even though the pain was bearable I was too excited that the long awaited day was here.  The excitement of having our baby and finding out finally whether I would be having a boy or girl was all too much and sleep or even relaxing was out of the question.  Ali and Miah sat around while I walked as sitting still was not an option.  My 6-year-old son Kade read his school reader to me as I had contractions.  Michael, Miah’s son, got himself off to school and Miah took Kade to school.  I remember thinking I don’t really want him to go as what if it all happens quick and he misses it.  Ali went off to check on her family and came back with milk and energy drinks for her and Miah.  Meanwhile the pain was getting worse and the contractions were longer and closer together, about 5 minutes apart.  I decided it was time for my midwives to arrive so I called them both.  They had to forgo lunch with another mum to come to me.  It wasn’t long before they arrived and labor really got going.  The pain was getting worse so Miah started to fill the pool.  At around 12:30 pm after getting my blood pressure and bub’s heart rate checked we all thought it best I get into the pool.  Up the stairs I went, one of our midwives checked the position of bub’s head and I remember that was not nice at all.  I knew at that point the hard work was on its way.  I hopped into the pool and the water did help and the feel of the running water coming out of the hose on my hand did take my mind off the pain.  At first it was all pretty relaxed.

The midwives left me to it upstairs and Miah and Ali took turns being with me holding my hand through contractions.  They popped in to check and also help me through contractions.  It was taking forever and a lot more painful then I remember.  I felt very scared.  The contractions always were worse when hubby left and he was feeling a little unsure, as it was his first experience of natural birth.  When he was out of the room I complained most and showed the most fear.  One midwife prayed and sang and that really helped and I just tried to focus on other things, looking out of the window at the sky, and I could hear a musical instrument coming from outside it may have been real or not but that all helped.  I kept saying I couldn’t do it.  My hubby tipped water over my back each time I had a contraction and that really helped.

It was close and I felt so tired and like I couldn’t do it anymore.

Before I knew it the kids were home from school.  I kept thinking about how lovely it will be to hold the little being that’s causing all this pain.  My husband went downstairs and just then I felt the head pushing and more blood was going into the water so I said to Ali it’s happening please just get him up here and the moment he came up my water broke.  Yes it wasn’t long now, I just held on to the edge and Miah held on to me just like he was hugging me and I kept saying I can’t push and the midwife said that was ok.  My body just did it.  I sort of just cried into Miah’s neck and the baby’s head started coming and she put her hand ready.  Then a little more would come and she was holding the baby’s hand which was next to his head under the water, which I thought was pretty incredible.  Then the rest just came and before I knew it was over! I was looking down at this beautiful baby boy in my arms.  It was over and I finally had what I’d been waiting so long for.  It was a very special moment for me.  The feeling I had was so deep, so special that I can’t even begin to explain it, he was just a perfect big boy.  It was an amazing time for my hubby and I and I guess we saw a special strong side to each other.  We were able to forget all our issues and see the birth of our baby for what it was, an amazing, beautiful memory of natural birth that will often be remembered with much joy.

We called our boy Felix Reuben. He was 8 lb 4 oz.

Birthing my baby boy at home was an experience I will never forget, a very important and beautiful time for me.  Thank you to both of our midwives for all your help, I will never forget you and what you brought to our life.

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12 February 2017 at 5:02 am

This was a beautiful story. I even got teary a bit. My goal is to be a midwife one day and its stories like these that keep me motivated through my studies. Thanks for sharing

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