Marisha’s Story

This was my third baby but a very special baby as my second died of SIDS and this was my first child to my husband, Miah.  I was extremely impatient ,I just wanted labor to happen.  As I’d not gone full term with my others the last 6 weeks were very hard for me.  Monday […]

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Anna’s Birth

I KNEW she was ready to be born, the fact that my feet turned a little blue every time I had a Braxton Hicks contraction because her head was so far down confirmed that to me!  The heat waves and my very sore pelvis were contributing to me turning into one of “those” pregnant women. […]

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Ayla’s Birth Story

We would like to share our birth story.  In 2003 I gave birth to our first child, Lily, in the hospital in Hobart.  We decided to do that because my parents lived there and we could stay with them while waiting for the big day to arrive (we ourselves live on the East Coast).  Being […]

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Israel’s Birth

From the beginning of my pregnancy, perhaps even earlier than that, I knew I wanted my labour to be different from the ones you see on television, with the woman screaming, the husband yelling “PUSH!”and the doctors and nurses scurrying around, wearing sterile gear in a busy, sterile room.  I started to research how birth […]

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Llewyn’s Birth Story

Wednesday We had had days of very smoky air from surrounding summer fires and I really needed to get out of the house to do something that would make me feel fresh and revived, – a swim at Trevallyn Dam and then out for dinner sounded perfect to me – and someone else apparently!  When […]

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Llewyn Owen’s birth story – by his maternal Grandmother

Birth is a wondrous thing – daunting for a first time Mum, exciting for all of us waiting to meet the new baby and I am convinced traumatic for some little ones, whilst harmonious and serene for others. How was it going to be for my daughter?  First time Mum at 37, the strong desire […]

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What’s your birth story?

If you have a story you'd like to share please feel free to get in touch with us.
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