Our Midwives

Midwives are experts in birth.  Midwifery is the art of safeguarding the natural process of pregnancy, labor and birth.  Midwives support the pregnant woman’s right to give birth in a setting of her choice.  Since at least 90 percent of all births are normal, midwifery seeks to avoid the occurrence of any unnecessary medical interventions, although we do know when to use modern technical advances to ensure the health of your baby.

The concept of midwifery is to entrust the care of childbearing women to people who understand the experience of childbearing and its many facets including physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

We are registered professional independent practising midwives committed and passionate about natural birth.

Helping women and families through this transition in life is what we love to do!

Because we believe that continuity of care is important, each client has 2 midwives who see her throughout her prenatal, birth, and postnatal care.

Emma Ryder

Independent Endorsed Midwife

I consider my role as a Midwife to be a great honour and I endeavour to form trusting, respectful and reciprocal relationships with the women I share the journey of childbirth with.  My Midwifery relationship with a woman comes from an equal sharing of insights and knowledge and follows a path of negotiation and bonding. As a Midwife, I uphold the fundamental rights of women to birth their babies in a safe environment of their choosing with woman-centred evidence-based appropriate care by a qualified and registered Midwife and a multi-disciplinary team when required.

My role as a Midwife is to work with women offering insightful education and options, in a respectful manner allowing the woman to make her own self-determined choices and decisions resulting in the best outcome for herself and her baby.

I provide woman-centred care promoting normal physiological birth, in conjunction with being acutely aware of the need to identify any problems or complications of mother/baby.  I am able to identify any urgent/emergency situations providing appropriate collaborative care and timely referrals with the multidisciplinary healthcare team when out of my scope of practice.

Jasmijn Van De Winckel

Independent Endorsed Midwife

Hi!  I’m Jasmijn.

Pregnancy and birth have become the focus of many discussions. Often as a woman you have to be very strong in your thoughts and beliefs to achieve the birth you believe is best for you, simply due to the perceptions of a society.

The choice of birth varies widely, and I feel it as a privilege to be a midwife and to attend each birth in its own unique setting. Birth remains a laden topic and I believe as a midwife it is our responsibility to discuss all options with each woman and her family and decide with them which is safest.

Since graduating I’ve been working as an independent midwife in Northwest Tasmania, which is where I live.  Occasionally my clients might choose to birth at the birth centre in Launceston.  I also work part-time in the hospital system.

Being a midwife is not just what a caregiver does.  It is who this person is.  A midwife stands at the crossing-point of generations, embodying fundamental values in societies across the globe.”  These words by Sheila Kitzinger describe my midwifery philosophy accurately.  Being raised in an environment where pregnancies and births were significant, yet at the same time a normal part of life, has provided me with a strong belief in promoting positive pregnancy and birth experiences.

I’m a member of Australian College of Midwives and have completed my Masters, thereby also gaining my endorsement.

Anna Holloway

Hi, my name is Anna. I’m mother of four adult children and grandma to 10 grandchildren. I am married to Richard and have been a midwife since 1972.

Much of my early experience as a midwife was gained in the indigenous cultures of Papua New Guinea and Central and Northern Australia where it quickly dawned on me that women instinctively know how to give birth under their own steam. Consequently, I chose to birth my own babies at home and developed a passion to see other women have the same opportunity.

I became involved with the Launceston Birth Centre in 1993 and love building relationships with families during this special time of their lives.

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